Matteo Contaldi

Matteo CONTALDI is a concertist and classical guitar teacher in several conservatories and music schools in Île-de-France.

He speaks fluent French, English and Italian.

He holds a Master’s degree in Classical Guitar (National Conservatory of Music of Castelfranco, Treviso) and a Master’s Degree in Musical Interpretation (National Conservatory of Music of Venice, with the highest degree notation “Cum Laude” from the jury ).
He attended Francisco Tarrega High Perfection Academy in Pordenone (Italy), where he obtained his diploma of merit.

He also studied at SAE Technology College in Milan and obtained his Diploma in Audio Engineering.
He made important studies courses, in particular that of renowned distinguished Professor Franco Rossi, specialist in musicology, and that of Professor Luca Mosca, specialist in composition. He has taken part at several masterclasses with various experts of international fame (Pegoraro, Casoli, Blaha, Mela, Nuti, Grondona, Gilardino, Porro, Bungarten, Carrer, Pierri, Hoppstock,
Marchione, …).

As a solo guitarist, he won:
– The first prize at the National Competition of the city of Stresa (Italy) in 1993,
– The first prize at the International Povoletto Competition (Italy) in 1997,
– The first prize at the 3rd Interregional Guitar Competition of Gessate (Italy) in 2002,
– The third prize at the 9th National G. Rospigliosi Lamporecchio Competition (Italy) in 2003.

He has played at important musical festivals and events, both as a soloist and in chamber music in Italy and France (with the string orchestra “del Veneto e del Friuli”, Ensemble Vocal “Folia”, duo, trio. ..).
He performed, for the first time, the first work of Claudio Ambrosini (soloist) and that of Stefano Pantaleoni (with a string quintet).

He is a passionate researcher, studious and collector of music for and with the guitar (and other similar instruments), with an obvious predilection for the music of twentieth century music. He contributed to the research of the bibliographical material of the prestigious Manual of history of the guitar written by the professor Gianni Nuti (vol.2nd – the guitar in the XX siec., with Berbèn editions).

He also approaches and appreciates the repertoire of modern music (flamenco, pop, jazz, variety, etc.).

In 2018 was released an album untitled “Andalusia” consisting of music by Manuel De Falla and Federico García Lorca in collaboration with the mezzo-soprano singer Marlen Mendoza-Kahn.