Sophie Naïsseh

  Sophie Naïsseh is a French violinist. After obtaining her first violin prize unanimously and with the congratulations of the jury in Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) and her Diploma of Musical Studies, she studied at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in the class of Véronique Bogaerts. She graduated from the Violin Master with Distinction, the Master in […]

Irma Barbutsa

Born in Georgia, in 1987 she obtained the Tbilisi CNSM Diploma. During her studies, she won several national and international competitions – Transcaucasia in 1985. Same year she was appointed professor of violin and chamber music at the CNR in Koutaissi, her hometown. In 1991, she began to work in Moscow, in symphony orchestras and […]

Jean-François Desrus

Born in Paris, Jean-François Desrus is concert violonist and violist, and violin teacher with a Music Teaching Certificate in classical violin. After his music studies in the Ecole Supérieure de musique Bourgogne Franche-Comté with Anne Mercier, where he studies the violin , the pedagogy and the musicology, he improves with Geza Kapas in Germany. He afterwards turns to […]

Morgane Remy

EXPERIENCE PEDAGOGIQUE Enseignante en violon et alto, Orchestre à l’école, conservatoire du XVe arrondissement Enseignante en violon, conservatoire de Champigny sur Marne (94) Académie Corneille (Musicales de Normandie) : chef de pupitre/ formateur des seconds violons CRD Caux-Vallée de Seine (76) : Remplacement de congé maternité (6 mois) : adaptation à une nouvelle méthode de […]

Sihana Badivuku

Sihana Badivuku, a distinguished Kosovar violinist, was born in Prishtina in 1967, in a musician family. She accomplished elementary and secondary musical school in Prishtina, at the class of prof. B. Dimcevski and P. Vernikov. She has studied at the Moscow State Conservatorium “P.I. TChiakowsky” where she graduated with Prof. E. Chugajeva , and completed […]