Agnès Fargier-Lagrange

Agnès Fargier Lagrange, having obtained a first prize of organ in the class of André Isoir, dedicates himself definitively to the piano. Catherine Collard was his professor to Saint Maur’s academy which awards her a first prize of piano.

It is to Colette Zérah that she owes her piano and musical maturity.

She occurred in concert of numerous times: concerts in soloist with orchestra, in chamber music and recitals of Piano.

Holder of the diploma of the CA for the teaching of the piano, Agnès Fargier Lagrange is at present a full professor to the Academy of the XXth district of Bets.

Agnès Fargier Lagrange is the initiator and the organizer of the association ‘Piano con moto’ based in 1989. This association aims at the broadcasting of an teaching of the piano based on the control of a physical technique putting in relation the practice with the analysis of the works.