Evan Vercoutre

Evan Vercoutre began playing guitar in Seine et Marne and continued his study at the Conservatoire of Aubervilliers-La Courneuve then at the Ecole Normale de Musique of Paris. His teachers were: A.Régis, J-M Zvellenreuther and R.Andia. In 2014 he started his Bachelor degree at Academy of Music of Strasbourg with Duo Melis (Susana Prieto and Alexis Muzurakis). In addition to the classical guitar, Evan Vercoutre is interested by free improvisation and in 2017 he entered the Master program with A.Zimmerlin and Fred Frith.In 2018 he performed in « 200 motels » by F .Zappa with the Philharmonic orchestra of Strasbourg for the contemporary music festival « Musica ». He currently teaches in the conservatory of Vesoul (France).