Claire Viallon

Claire Viallon started studying the guitar under Léonard Chantepy’s guidance and has received musical formation in the CRR of Saint Etienne. In the meanwhile, she has also studied musicology in the Jean Monnet university..

After obtaining a DEM in the class of François Martin, she continued to follow his teaching at the EcoleNormale de Musique de Parisand the Sèvres-Ville d’Avray conservatoire, where she pursuied the in-depth study of renaisssance and baroque music’s interpretation (reading tablatures, studiyning the works of A.G Dechaume) and in the phenomenological approach of music such as transmitted by Sergiu Celibidache.

Her deep liking for chamber music led her to collaborate to many projects in France, Belgium and Germany, in different formations such as guitar duets, mandoline, flute, piano, horn and violin, as well as guitar ensembles and orchestra.:

Passionnate about pedagogy and ensemble direction, she’s holder of the title of guitar professor in the CRC of Houilles and Coulommiers, where she initiated such projects as ensemble masterclasses open to diffferent types of guitars (electric and folk guitar) and different techniques.

She took part in many masterclasses under such renowned musicians as René Bartoli, Gisela Melo, Arnaud Sans, Yves Dubreuil, which help her refine her understandind andinterpretationofmusic as well as discover andappreciate different ways in which musical knowledge can be transmitted..