Florence Spire


Florence is currently employed as piano teacher at Dinan agglomération in Britanny She holds a
state teaching diploma and is also a French public servant.
Her pedagogy is based on a positive approach and she also aims to challenge the student in order to
fulfill his or her technical and musical potential. Important element in her teaching are: work on
posture, technical placement, interpretation of the music in it’s context, musical analysis and
sightreading technique. She also aspires to develop ensemble play for her students and likes to
involve them in cross-disciplinary projets.
Florence had the great priviledge to meet and learn from great masters of the art such as Denis
Pascal, Anna Yacoubovich, Martine Joste, Elena Rozanova. During her higher education, Florence
studied modern piano as well as pianoforte, chamber music analysis and instrumentation. She is
also rewarded with a degree in music from the Sorbonne university. Her final research essay is
titeled« l’adaptation française de la méthode Kodàly». It explores the humanist philosophy of the
Hungarian master, as well as the idea of transfer of accomplishments.
Florence accompagnies frequently singers and instrumentalists for concerts, lessons, courses and
competitions. On stage, her artistic carrer is diveded between solo recitals, four hands piano
concerts, ensemble work and chamber orchestra. She also created her company “Mouvement
Sonores” wich aim is promoting and developing musical productions and performances.
More informations : http://florencespire.com