Jerome Bertier graduated in Piano, Pedagogy, early performance practice and Improvisation at Musikhochschule Freiburg and CNSMD Lyon with the teachers Laurent Cabasso, Michel Gaechter, Robert Hill and Dirk Boerner. He performs on stage as a pianist specialized in chamber music,  harpsichordist, continuo player and improviser. After graduating from Freiburg he was invited to teach improvisation in a weekly seminar for students playing various instruments. Since then he has been experimenting new forms of stylistic improvisation pedagogy, and is now preparing the french national pedagogic diploma (CA). In 2012 he founded a chamber music festival in South Corsica. Jérôme Bertier also studied physics and philosophy at Strasbourg University, he gives a yearly conference on ancient greek music at Sandra Boehringer’s seminar and published several articles on musical acoustics.