Alexander’s Technique
Alexandra Fridrici (July 5th to 10th 2021)
Jeanne Marie Savourat (12th to 17th july 2021)


Orane Murail-Zimmermann (July 12th to 17th 2021)
Mathieu Lamouroux (July 05th to 10th 2021)

Laurent Ronzon  (July 05th to 10th 2021)


Atelier Marie Huong Giang NGO  (July 05th to 10th 2021)


Renaud Bary (July 5th to 17th 2021)




Bertille Arrué (July 05th to 10th 2021)
Alexis Girard (July 05 to 17th 2021)
Raphael Moraly (July 5th to 17th 2021)
Igor Kiritchenko (July 5th to 10th 2021)
Ravi Ranganathan (July 5th to 10th 2021)


Chamber music
Franck Masquelier (July 5th to 17th 2021)



Yumiko Yokoi  (July 5th to 10th 2021)
Martin Munch (July 12th to 17th 2021)
François Narboni (July 12th to 17th 2021)


Yuka Togashi (July 5th to 10th 2021)


First reading
Olivier Dauriat (July 05th to 17th 2021)
Caroline Esposito (July 12th to 17th 2021)


Marion Candy (July 5th to 10th 2021)
Delphine Girard (July 6th to 11th 2020)
Katherine Kemler (July 5th to 17th 2021)
Patricia Nagle (July 5th to 17th 2021)
Delphine Girard  (July 6th to 11th 2020)
Charlotte Perez (July 5th to 17th 2021)

Flute / Piccolo flute
Patricia Nagle (July 5nd to 17th 2021)


Bruno Allen (July 12th to 17th 2021)
Matteo Contaldi (July 5th to 10th 2021)

Harp / Celtic Harp
Suzanna Klintcharova (July 5th to 10th 2021)
Valérie Patte (July 5th to 10th 2021)


Ogier  Jenevein


Giovanni Pistis (July 05th to 10th 2021)


 Maël Guézel (July 05th to 10th 2021)
Tristan Blum (July 05th to 10th 2021)


Louise Akili (July 05th to 10th 2021)
Alice Bord (July 06th to 11th 2020)
Teresa-Janina Czekaj (July 5st to 17th 2021)
Elodie Griscelli (July 5th to 17th 2021)
Jozef Kapustka (July 12st to 17th 2021)
Catherine Lanco (July 5th to 17th 2021)
Paola Meloni (July 12th to 17th 2021)
Sylvie Nicéphor (July 5th to 10th 2021)
Frédérique Portejoie-Lagarde (July 5th to 17h 2021)
Alain Busschaert (July 5th to 10th 2021)
Caroline Marty (July 12th au 17th 2021)
Florence Spire (July 5st to 10th 2021)
Cristian Monti (July 5th to 10th 2021)
Martin Munch (July 12th to 17th 2021)
Paolo Costanzo  (July 12th to 17th 2021)
Francois Henry (July 05th au 10th 2021)
Florent Hu (July 5th to 10th 2021)
Laetitia Michel (July 12th to 17th 2021)
Sylvain Hardelé
Yann Zarzelli (July 12th to 17th 2021)
Claudio Chaiquin(July 5th to 10th 2021)
Louise Sibourd (July 12th to 17th 2021)
Helene Rusquet (July 12th to 17th 2021)
Florent Hu


Francois Henry (July 05th au 10th 2021)


Piano 4 hands
Duo Spina-Benignetti (July 12th to 17th 2021)
Paolo Costanzo (July 05th au 10th 2021)


Antonio Mollica (July 12th to 17th 2021)
Philippe Portejoie (July 12th to 17th 2021)


Emmanuelle Naharro (July 5th to 10th 2021)
Sylvie Nicephor (July 5th to 10th 2021)
Sylvie Sullé (July 5th to 10th 2021)
Sylvie Nicéphor (July 05th to 10th 2021)
Beatrice Fontaine (July 05th to 10th 2021)
Julie Horreaux (July 12th to 17th 2021)
Dorothée Voisine (July 05th to 10th 2021)
Cornelia Oncioiu (July 12th to 17th 2021)


Improvisation libre à la voix
Claudia Solal (July 5th to 10th 2021)


Stephane Exbrayat  (July 5th to 10th 2021)


Francois Lemonnier (July 12th to 17th 2021)


Paola Russo (July 5th to 17th 2021) 
Morgane Remy (July 5th to 17th 2021) 
Irma Barbutsa   (12th to 17th july 2021)
Mihai Ghitta  (12th to 17th july 2021)
Juliette Roeland (July 5th to 10th 2021) ‎
Sophie Naisseh (July 5th to 10th 2021)