Nicolas Mandel

A musician with an atypical career, Nicolas Mandel has led, alongside a classical course at the conservatory and in musicology at the Sorbonne, a career as a singer, guitarist and wind multi-instrumentalist in a rock band.

He obtained his DEM in Flute in 2000 at the CRR of Cergy-Pontoise in the class of Annick Marin and was awarded at the international Gaston Crusnelle competition the same year.

Member of the AMARE quartet (Flute quartet), he regularly performs in concert.

At ease in both classical and contemporary repertoire as well as contemporary music, he trained in Soundpainting with C. Mangou and musically accompanied the UVOL theatrical troupe under the direction of A. Dreyfus.

Holder of DE, he currently teaches at the conservatory of Houilles (78) and the CRR of Cergy-Pontoise.